About Catoe’s Machine, Inc.

Catoe’s Machine, Inc. – Owned and Operated since 1992

Located in Rock Hill, SC, Serving Charlotte, NC and the Southeast

Catoe’s Machine, Inc., a division of Catoe’s Welding & Fabrication, Inc. was added to our present site in 1992. Jack Catoe, my late dad, had the vision to give our customers the added convenience of machining their parts onsite. My brother, Gene Catoe, is the manager of our Machine shop. We want to accommodate our clients with availability and quick turnover when manufacturing parts for their projects. Our goal at Catoe’s is to give prompt service and efficiency to our industrial customers’ needs.  Jimmy Catoe, owner and president, assures his customers professional and quality service in all types of machining. Each project is given the same, undivided attention that it requires from start to completion.

Welding & Fabrication Building